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Student Study: The Importance of Technology in Higher Education [Infographic]

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Student Study: The Importance of Technology in Higher Education [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco December 9, 2016   0 Category: Higher Education, Strategy

There are four main factors to consider when it comes to supporting a robust, reliable and secure campus Wi-Fi experience

  • The physical environment 
  • Devices
  • Applications 
  • End-Users 

Over the past 13 years, EDUCAUSE has studied and analyzed thousands upon thousands of undergraduate college students about what they think and how they use IT (information technology).

Their research is centered around classroom technology, specifically mobile device usage and student attitudes towards technology.

The results are broken down by EDUCAUSE into four categories they titled as: 

  • "The Importance of Technology to Students" 
  • "The Technology Experiences of Students" 
  • "The Technology Preferences of Students" 
  • "The Effects of Technology on Students" 

Each campus's wireless network design is unique and it's important to fully understand the make-up of your own particular environment such as application and device usage, device mix, and user expectations—wants and needs.

So, why does information and research like this matter?

As we stated above, these findings help shed light onto the overall growing trends with regards to three out of the four mission-critical areas colleges and universities need to understand in order to create large-scale campus wifi networks.

Take a look at the infographic below (also from EDUCAUSE) which provides a general overview of the larger study.

Listen to the Podcast: Wi-Fi Deep Dive: Purchasing and Budgeting for Wi-Fi in Higher Education [Podcast] 

Knowing the trends helps you to benchmark against your own results, which in turn is all part of being proactive in your approach to avoiding WiFi problems and delivering a reliable wireless experience.

Click on the image below for a larger view

ECAR Study 2016 - Higher Education.jpg

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