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Security Protocols Essential for a Successful BYOD Solution

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | December 26, 2013

Once your corporation or school has decided to allow employees or students to bring their own devices onto the network and a proper policy has been formulated it is essential to think of the security measures needed to take place within your wireless infrastructure before implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution. 

BYODThere are many administrative compliance requirements needing to address and one must choose a proper solution that stands amenable to such prerequisites.  A proper solution should include identity-based access control, stateful firewall, wireless intrusion detection and logging.  These security measures will be the most effective way to mitigate risk when beginning your BYOD migration. 

  • Identity-Based Access Control: A proper identity-based security will enhance your school or organization’s safekeeping by providing control over activity hence eliminating excess privilege on the network.  The solution should allow for users and devices to have certain roles based on their authentication and then identity-based analyzing of activity can be done.  The role created can be enforced specifically by the proper firewall policy that can be defined based on the user and that user’s device. 
  • Stateful Firewall: When defining “proper” or “stateful” firewall the definition simply lies in a firewall that ensures unauthorized traffic cannot bypass access control.  Traffic should be able to be denied or devices detained and removed from the network via some form of a blacklist.
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection: A solution with automatic threat reduction protects your network from unauthorized clients and specified devices as they roam.  A solution that includes a proper wireless intrusion detection and prevention system will save on costly overlay IDS with dedicated sensors.  Your IT organization can customize security policies by specified criteria such as devices or location. 

Cost is almost always an issue when deciding on a proper solution that can securely accomplish such protocols written about in this article.  A proper solution should have all these security aspects combined into one device. This will eliminate add-on costs once the hardware is purchased. 

Wireless hardware is available with these complete out of the box features so if you’re considering a BYOD implementation and would like to know more about the proper solution spoken of in this article contact us here for a free BYOD readiness consultation.  We are experts in BYOD integration and security and have worked with organizations all across the US implementing successful and secure BYOD solutions. We are always happy to help!

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