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SecurEdge WiFi: What to Expect Part 2

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SecurEdge WiFi: What to Expect Part 2

By: Joshua Feinberg November 27, 2018   0 Category: Managed WiFi

If your company is like most, you and your team are dependent on your company's wireless network. When the WiFi goes down, you can expect your company’s productivity to come to a screeching halt. And if you operate the kind of business where clients, diners, patrons, students, guests, patients or other forms of customers depend on guest access to your managed WiFi, even a relatively small outage can cause direct financial losses as well as damage to your reputation.

So what should IT-savvy executives and IT professionals think about when it comes to their managed network services?


In part 1 of this series (SecurEdge WiFi: What to Expect Part 1), you learned about the building blocks of successful wireless design: the discovery call, predictive design, and proposal.


Now in part 2, you’ll learn about what happens next, once you schedule your wireless network installation.


Deployment of Managed WiFi

Although quoted slightly differently from source-to-source, President Abraham Lincoln was well known for saying, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six of them sharpening my ax.”


If President Lincoln were alive 150+ years later, and in the managed WiFi business, with eight weeks to plan a flawless wireless network installation, he’d spend the first six weeks on the discovery, predictive design, and the proposal.


The final two weeks would be allocated to the deployment of the managed WiFi and related network services.


Comparing the Importance of Design vs. Deployment

Does this mean that the discovery, predictive design, and proposal are any more critical than the wireless network installation itself? No.


Deployment is just as important as design.


However high-performing, reliable, and secure wireless network services start with great attention to upfront planning and design.


Even the most perfectly designed network will not function optimally if not deployed correctly.


Thinking about the planning that goes into a large commercial construction project such as an upscale outdoor shopping mall, a hotel, or an office tower. There’s the permitting, design, planning, architecture, and engineering - a host of planning that goes into the project. Then there’s all of the actual construction that’s supervised by the general contractor.


Can the planning activities be successful without construction? Of course not!


And can construction succeed if the planning activities were just an afterthought? No way!


The deployment of your managed WiFi is no different.


How SecurEdge Networks Installs Your Managed WiFi

There’s a lot of upfront work that goes into installing the right managed network services.


That’s the reason why SecurEdge Networks only trusts seasoned WiFi engineers and installers to deploy your wireless network.


And to provide visibility into your managed network services, and help manage your WiFi after it’s deployed, SecurEdge Networks places a WiFi performance sensor on-site at no additional charge.


Support of Your Managed Network Services

In a perfect world, after your new wireless network has been installed everything would function flawlessly, indefinitely, no matter what.


As part of its managed WiFi program, SecurEdge WiFi as a Service (WaaS) provides its clients with initial and ongoing managed support of their wireless networks. This includes:

● Monthly health updates -- While no one will be dragging you to the gym at 5 a.m. or checking your pulse and blood pressure, SecurEdge Networks does the next best thing for your wireless network. By proactively examining how the network is being utilized and pinpointing any changes since the last health report, clients and SecurEdge Networks can identify and in most cases prevent issues that negatively impact network performance, reliability, and security.

● 48-month network refresh -- Whether you’re thinking about your car or your laptop, have you ever thought about why random things start to break down as this hardware ages? Like most network hardware, your wireless access points (APs) also have an estimated service life -- after which, the performance, reliability, and security that you take for granted may not be a given. With SecurEdge WiFi as a Service, you don’t need to worry about staying on top or budgeting for hardware replacement. Your subscription includes a 48-month network refresh -- to keep your managed network services performing as fast, reliably, and securely as you’ve come to expect.

● Tier 2 level support -- When you have trouble with your network, the last thing you want to experience is feeling like a human ping-pong ball -- as you’re bounced around from one tech support hotline to another. With SecurEdge WiFi as a Service, you’ll never experience this because your subscription automatically includes Tier 2 level support for anything and everything related to your managed WiFi.


SecurEdge Cloud Software

In a digital-first and mobile-first world, information and speed are precious competitive advantages. That’s why SecurEdge Cloud gives its clients access to the same toolset that SecurEdge Networks uses to stay on top of the status of every component of their wireless networks -- in real-time.


This empowers clients to

● Monitor their wireless networks

● Track data from their wireless performance sensors

● Identify and troubleshoot problems

● Manage all locations and buildings on their networks

● Communicate seamlessly and much more efficiently with SecurEdge Networks


With SecurEdge Cloud, clients save even more time as their companies grow with the capability to:

● Start new projects from the software (great for adding new buildings, floors, and locations)

● Submit floor plans

● Get a quote

● Approve a design


(All without having to call and speak to a salesperson! Whether it’s 2:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. on a holiday weekend, SecurEdge Cloud makes it easy for you to get done what you need on your schedule).


The Bottom Line on Wireless Network Installation and Your SecurEdge WiFi

As digital transformation dramatically changes how companies operate, wireless networks are no longer a luxury. Your WiFi is now likely as mission critical as your electricity, running water, and HVAC. Many companies are living in the past and mistakenly treat their WiFi as a luxury rather than a utility and necessity.


Since 2006, SecurEdge Networks has perfected the art and science designing, installing, and supporting world-class managed wireless networks.


In this two-part series, you’ve been introduced to the building blocks of successful wireless design: the discovery call, predictive design, and the proposal.


And in this article, you’ve learned about what goes into deploying managed WiFi and ongoing support of managed network services.


To get started with SecurEdge WiFi as a Service, request a design.

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