BYOD and Classroom Technology on School Wireless Networks

Bring your own device and iPad-in-the-classroom programs are pushing school systems to invest in wireless LAN technology upgrades.

ipad wireless school network

The iPad has changed computing.  Schools all over the world are purchasing iPads and other tablets trying to give students the technology the real world is working with daily. With this new wave of devices comes the requirement for a secure, manageable, wireless network. Schools are turning to IT directors and asking how they can cut budgets while continuing to push forward with initiatives.  Many schools are considering allowing student owned assets on the network and trying to figure out what the implications could be. 

SecurEdge Networks has been working with schools all over the country as they begin utilizing iPads, iPhones, tablets and other handheld devices. Using these devices enables mobility in the classroom and helps to achieve higher standards of learning. In some cases the schools have rolled tablets out to every student, and in other cases students and teachers are bringing personal devices from home. Either way, schools are upgrading their wireless network using coverage, capacity and performance as benchmark requirements when accommodating the influx of these devices.

Is your school wireless network ready to support and manage the iPads and other mobile devices?

How does your wireless network support mobile devices now?

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Josh Monza