Wireless Networking Basics for Business

This is basically part of Wireless Networking 101 for Businesses, Hospitals, Enterprises and even Schools. Many think their wireless issues can be solved by setting up a $99 home access point (router) --- without actually knowing they are creating more of a problem for the entire network than actually solving the issue at hand.

RougeHere are 3 Major Reasons Why the $99 home access point isn’t cutting it in the office:

Capacity –  Home routers /access points are built to handle 5-6 users max.   If your office has 10 employees, with smartphones, ipads, laptops, printers…etc your talking  30+ devices.  Enterprise access points can handle 30-100 users and can scale exponentially. 

– Setting up each router individually is a real pain, when you walk from one room to the next the connection is dropped and you have to re-associate each time.   Enterprise level access points do hand off, you can walk down the hall on a wireless VOIP phone and the AP will seamlessly hand off from one to the next.  In addition adding access points is very easy and will allow for additional coverage and capacity as the company grows. 

QOS  (Qu
ality of Service) – Small individual routers are set up to give Internet connectivity and that’s it.  So mission critical applications are given the same priority as YouTube browsing.  Ever wonder why your VOIP phone cuts out?  The answer is home wireless networks can’t prioritize traffic.  Enterprise level access points can give precedence to VOIP, Face time for apple, specific users or applications that you deem necessary for your business, like wireless credit card processors, hand held devices, wireless IP cameras…etc.

There are many more reasons why using home wireless networking equipment is not a smart fit for your business, but who  wants to read a 30 page dissertation about differences?  At the end of the day the home routers are fine for your living room, but not designed for the functionality of the modern day office.

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Josh Monza