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Re-Thinking Healthcare: 5 Must-Know Hospital WiFi Trends [Infographic]

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Re-Thinking Healthcare: 5 Must-Know Hospital WiFi Trends [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco December 11, 2015   0 Category: Healthcare, Strategy

What if I told you that in the next three years your hospital would be managing as many or more machines than your human employees? If it sounds too far-fetched to believe you’d be part of the minority.

A recent study by Accenture found that 84 percent of healthcare executives and decision makers believed training machines would be a priority in the next three years.

Why is this important?

On its own it doesn’t  really seem that critical, however, as part of a growing number of mobile and intelligence based trends in healthcare, it’s impact is significant.

More and more hospitals are looking to business intelligence to drive down costs and increase their efficiency.

In order for your hospital to utilize the vast amounts of data being created inside your current environment you will have to be able to manage an increasing network of “smart” machines.

To be successful it will take two things:

  • Developing specific goals or targeted end-results for your hospital to accomplish, for example, increasing patient satisfaction
  • Understanding the systems and features you need to drive those specific goals.

Where do you start, you start with what you want to do; what business applications are you or should you be pursuing to offer the highest quality of care?

This leads me to what’s driving change in healthcare? What key developments are pushing the industry forward that you should be preparing for now?

Here’s an infographic that outlines the 5 most influential trends in healthcare that are not only starting to have an impact today but will continue to play major roles in tomorrow’s hospital environments.

Check it out below.


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