$99 Solution for your Wireless Network: Multi Site VPN

Multi Site VPN Connection from a $99 device?

Your main network is 100% protected; there is anti-virus, spam, malware, device policies, network resources, guest networks, role based access control and so much more. Now with a $99 Access Point you can have all that, ANYWHERE with an Internet connection.

So where are we seeing these devices and what are they capable of doing?

Municipal Wireless Networks - Fire Stations are a great example; Cities are paying for an internet connection, firewall and wireless appliance(s) at each and every location. With SecurEdge Networks design a $99 Access Point can be deployed to give network connectivity, enforce policies, serve guests, monitor for Rouge AP’s…the list goes on and on. Savings are HUGE considering the replacement of 2-3 appliances, support and management at EACH location! The network is centrally controlled and all activity is easily monitored.

Small Business Wireless Networks - Own a business with more than 1 location? Do you need to be PCI compliant? Would you like to be able to offer Internet to patrons while keeping network resources separate? SecurEdge Networks has the solution, from the ability to capture e-mail addresses when a customer logs in, monitor employee’s usage, and have a historical PCI compliance report showing you are actively running IPS/IDS.

Enterprise Wireless Networks - Multiple Branch offices are not cheap, do not scale well, and can’t handle the onslaught of wireless devices…until now. A $99 access point can give an employee SECURE access to network resources with nothing more than an Internet connection ANYWHERE in the world. Remote offices are set up literally in seconds, from employees homes, private offices, hotel rooms or a customer site. The company laptop, smart phone, ipad or other company device is receiving the same SSID as if sitting in the office, basically as hassle free as they come.

Hospital Wireless Networks - Electronic Medical Records have pushed many individual practicing physicians to join a larger network provider, when this happens IT has to answer the “connection” question. SecurEdge Networks can configure (1) or (5,000) Access Points to VPN back to the controller and share needed resources. Access Points with this ability start at $99 giving HIPAA compliant connectivity, role based access control, guest network(s) the list goes on and on.

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Josh Monza