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Public Safety with Outdoor Wireless Mesh Networks

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Public Safety with Outdoor Wireless Mesh Networks

Outdoor wireless mesh networks can significantly enhance public safety and emergency response communications over vast distances and across challenging geographic terrains. Outdoor Wireless Mesh Networks easily provide a reliable, always on foundation for communications. This allows first responders to gain better situational awareness before arriving at the scene.

outdoor wireless mesh network safety guidelines

Here are three benefits to public safety in regards to outdoor wireless mesh networks:

1) High Speed Mobility

High-speed roaming gives first-responders seamless mobility at the scene while ensuring consistent, uninterrupted voice, video and data communications. SecurEdge Wireless mesh networks overcome many limitations commonly found in other outdoor wireless equipment, such as self-interference and multi-hop performance degradation.

2) Load Balancing and Quality of Service

With SecurEdge, Traffic is automatically routed around failures, congestion and disruptions to create a self-forming, self-healing and self-managing wireless mesh infrastructure. This ensures consistent QoS. Individual agencies or application traffic can easily be segregated from different groups of users.

3) HD Quality Video Surveillance

SecurEdges traffic-shaping technology dramatically improves the effectivness of video surveillance applications by removing all impariments to video quality. Traffic shaping and load balancing across long range direction links easily deliver HD-quality video from mobile and fixed surveillance cameras, monitors and recording systems. Video traffic travels easily without introducing latency, and without degradation in image quality.
public safety wireless mesh networks
SecurEdge wireless mesh networks reliably support mission critical video, voice and data applications, making it an ideal solution for public safety and emergency response communications. Contact us today for a free consultation on outdoor wireless mesh networks. or download a free wireless network design kit.

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