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Planning Your Wireless Network for the iPad (and other Devices)

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | September 6, 2011

One of the most critical pain points all IT Network administrators face today is how to handle the influx of mobile devices like the iPad.

School Wifi Networks, as well as Enterprise and Hospital Wireless Networks, need to have the ability to support the iPad (and other mobile devices), as well as manage the devices, all while maintaining security and the usually limited IT budget.

With schools, iPads and other mobile devices are entering at an aggressive rate. Schools and universities are utilizing iPads, iPhones, tablets and other handheld devices to enable mobility in the classroom and achieve higher standards of learning. In some cases the schools have rolled tablets out to every student, and in other cases students and teachers are bringing personal devices from home. Either way, schools must upgrade their wireless networks to accommodate the influx.

When Planning for the Ipad on your Network, some of the top considerations are Security, Integration and Management. Learn how you can prepare your network for the iPad (and other mobile devices) with our Free Guide.

Discover how we can help your wireless network plan for the iPad on your campus, manage the iPad (and other mobile devices), support the increasing amount of mobile devices and upgrade your wireless network with the future of mobile devices in mind.


Download our Free Planning for the iPad on your Wireless Network Guide today by clicking here.


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