Outdoor wireless networks are an important asset to many different schools, hospitals and businesses. Outdoor wireless networks need to be scalable and provide reliable multidevice and multinetwork application delivery so that all users on the outdoor network can enjoy the same high-quality mobile broadband experience rather they are inside or outdoors on the outdoor wireless network.

Outdoor Wireless Design | Outdoor Wireless Networks

Outdoor wireless network design sounds complicated. There are many things to consider when designing outdoor wireless, but luckily, we can help.

We have been providing schools, hospitals, and businesses with outdoor wireless design and coverage for several years.

As the IT director for your school or enterprise, you may be delegated the task to find the best solution for outdoor wireless. Common questions about outdoor wireless design include:

  • Should you use wireless mesh or antenna arrays?
  • How do you integrate your outdoor wireless system with the indoor wireless system for handoff and performance?
  • How do you plan for use of hand held devices or wireless VoIP phones outside?
  • What devices and applications can run on the outdoor wireless?

We can easily answer all of your questions concerning outdoor wireless design and networks. Outdoor wireless design doesn't have to be as complicated as some think it is.

Where will the outdoor wireless be used or needed? Is it near an area close to buildings (sport fields, courtyards, outside jet bridges, etc)? Instead of mounting access points on light poles, indoor access points can be used inside that building that allow for external antennas.

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This in turn allows for a simple solution that not just saves on the total project cost for the outdoor wireless, but provides an excellent outdoor wireless design suitable for your outdoor wireless needs. Outdoor wireless mesh can also be used.

With SecurEdge Networks, your campus can easily have an efficient and optimized outdoor wireless network. Having an outdoor wireless network that can deliver the bandwidth, range, flexibility and expansion potential will be one of the best investments and assets for your school, hospital or enterprise. 

We work with the IT Staff to plan, design and deploy the best, cost effective outdoor wireless network solution that enables secure outdoor mobility services, high performance, and improves overall operating efficiency through a tight integration of your wired and wireless networks.

Contact us today for a Free Outdoor Wireless Design you can also download our free wireless network design guide.

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