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Managing Wi-Fi & Networking Performance: The CHANGING Role of IT in 2019 & BEYOND [Video]

When it comes to the IT profession, expectations can be high usually accomplished by a low number of dedicated staff members. What is the best way for IT teams to overcome the many obstacles and challenges they face daily? In this edition of the Wi-Fi Minute, Danny explains how your business can maximize its potential without overwhelming your team.


Video Transcript:

What’s going on everybody!

Welcome back to another Wi-Fi Minute.

Today I want to talk about the changing roll of IT in 2019 and even going beyond that specifically when it comes to managing your Wi-Fi and networking performance.

Alright, let’s put sixty seconds up on the clock and let’s do this.


More Than Just Up or Down

Today a lot of folks are still managing their networks based on whether or not their hardware or equipment is up or down.

For example, access points.

They will take a look and say, “Well, my access points are up so things must be great or my access points are down so things must be terrible.”

This is way too simplistic in 2019.

We need a lot more context going forward.

IT has become a business function combined with an IT function.

It’s no longer good enough to just look at your network and say, is it up or down?

You need more context.

It’s about what are my actual end-users experiencing when connecting to my network.


A More Proactive Approach

In 2019 and moving forward, IT needs to become way more proactive.

You would be shocked at how many IT professionals have told me that they don’t even know there is a problem with their Wi-Fi or networking until their end-users are starting to complain.

In a world where people have the ability to voice their opinions loudly and often, you do not want to wait until your starting to field those complaints.

There are performance monitoring solutions already available today that proactively test your network from end to end including what your end-users are actually experiencing when connected to your network down to the application level which allows you to troubleshoot and avoid those problems before you get complaints.


The Many Areas of Expertise

Traditionally, IT teams excel at many areas of expertise which is good because they’re being asked to do more and more and usually not just at one location.

We’ve seen two to three-person teams being tasked with overseeing ten, twenty, thirty, forty, plus locations and it’s incredible that they’re able to manage everything that they do.

Although sometimes difficult to admit because it goes against human nature, most IT professionals know what their weaknesses are.

So, moving forward, we need to partner with specialized companies where we can offload those weaknesses to fill in those gaps. This is especially true with small IT teams.


The Ever Evolving Roll of IT

The role of IT is constantly changing.

Even the term IT has become so incredibly broad these days.

It’s really a testament and hats-off to everybody in the IT profession for what they’re able to accomplish based on how much they’re being asked to do. Wi-Fi networking just being a small part of that.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.

You guys have been great. I’ve been Danny and we will see you next time.

End of Transcription


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Danny Mareco

Danny Mareco

Danny is the Marketing Manager at SecurEdge Networks. This basically means it’s his mission in life to make sure you have the secure mobility tools and resources that you actually want and can use. P.S. He also loves a good craft beer.


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