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iPads in the Classroom: Getting Teachers on Board

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iPads in the Classroom: Getting Teachers on Board

By: Danny Mareco January 25, 2013 3 Category: K-12 Education, Strategy

The use of mobile devices like iPads in the classroom have the ability to revolutionize learning. Today’s classrooms are full of little digital natives. So now classroom technology like the iPad needs to be central to student’s learning of course along with creative and well planned teaching to accompany these new devices. For iPad in the classroom programs to be successful educators must fully accept and embrace these new learning technologies. In many cases getting teachers on board with accepting them and adjusting their teaching methods for iPads is the biggest challenge. Every educator using the iPads in their class should be asking; how is this technology going to enhance the teaching and learning in my classroom?

teachers with ipads

Here are some tips for getting teachers on board with using iPads in the classroom you might find helpful.

1)      Prepare a iPad in the Classroom Policy FirstiPad policy

Have your iPad task force or committee prepare a carefully laid out policy that clearly states of all the rules, responsibilities, and acceptable use of the iPads. The students’ roles and guidelines should be laid out as well as the teachers. Having a good policy in place from the beginning of any kind of iPad implementation is crucial. By seeing all the plans and rules you have set for the iPads in the classrooms, you will be addressing many teachers initial concerns. If teachers know what is expected of them from the beginning and that there are policies in place to protect them and their students it makes acceptance of iPads much easier. Having an awesome policy won’t solve all your acceptance issues though.

2)      Present the benefits and the planiPads in the classroom

Let you teachers know it’s time for some change. The traditional teacher as the sole presenter of the content role while the students listen and absorb is neither the only way nor the best way anymore. Students need to be engaged and collaborative classrooms. Teachers should be more like experts who are guiding and inspiring their students rather than just relaying information. If teachers can embrace this newfound way of learning then the students will be able to thrive. Presenting all the benefits iPads have to offer to your teachers may amaze them. Many don’t have any idea all the incredible things iPads can do to help them become a more effective educator. Bring in some representatives from other schools to share their success stories with using iPads in the classroom. Let your teachers know exactly why you chose to implement these devices and plans for this program. Let your enthusiasm show and hopefully some of it will rub off on them too!

3)      Assign that go-to personiPads in education

No matter how prepared you are with all your plans and policies, you will still have lots of questions coming in. Go ahead and give someone the position of being in charge of educating teachers on these devices. He/she should also be responsible for testing and deciding which apps teachers should be using and showing the teachers how to use them. Education is key to getting teacher on board. Think about it, if they don’t know how to use an iPad of course they won’t want to use them in their lessons. Have this go-to-person hold classes to help everyone get on the same page and get comfortable using these devices. It’s important for this person to be not only have a tech background, but also a teaching background. Also, don’t  just provide the training classes over the summer and be done with it. Training needs to be offered all year around. For one it will take some teachers longer to get comfortable with the iPads. For two there are a plethora of apps out there, so it would be a good idea to include new app training throughout the year on new apps. You want keep your educators engaged and up-to-date on using iPads to get the full benefits from them.

4)      Give the iPads to the teachers firstteacher with iPad

Last but not least please give your teachers adequate amount of time with these devices before you start supplying all the students with them. It’s a huge mistake to not give your educators enough time to get comfortable and practice using them in their classes. All those tech-savvy students will likely already be iPad experts already. Just make sure your teacher are comfortable with them, know how to use them, and you help them get a plan for integrating them into their lessons.

Implementing iPads in the classroom is all about preparing your educators, planning ahead, and preparing your network. We can help with all of these. If you are in need of some guidance you can contact us here.  We are experts in implementing classroom technology like the iPad. We have worked with schools all over the US and are always happy to help. Check out or Free eBook: How to Prepare your Network for iPads in the Classroom.

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