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iPads in the Classroom Get Students Engaged

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | April 18, 2013

Getting students involved in the classroom seems to be half the battle when it comes to educating.  Students simply get bored, especially when they feel there is no interaction with the teacher.  They end up just sitting there in many cases, sometimes never interacting with the teacher at all.  This is not a productive situation, as the student and teacher are often together throughout the week.  As interaction continues to remain absent, the student may feel distanced from the teachings.  If this continues it may cause the student to feel discouraged, leaving them without an urge to learn.

iPads in the classroom

At this point some may say that the teacher is to blame, and to an extent I do agree.  The teacher is responsible for his or her classroom and how the minds of students are educated within it.  However, some teachers may find that creating an engaging atmosphere in the classroom is a challenge.  The teacher may be comfortable and content with their lecture style of teaching.  Maybe they have tried being more interactive with students but didn’t get the feedback they were hoping for.  This can be a frustrating deal for a teacher.

iPads in education provide a great opportunity for students to become engaged with not only their teachers, but other students as well.  The devices create a 1:1 learning environment where teachers can develop lesson plans incorporating the technology. The methods for instruction are now more teacher-to-student than teacher-to-classroom.  Not only is it proving to increase engagement, but it also makes learning more fun.  Technology seems more natural to the younger generation.  As new learning tools such as the iPad finds its way into the classroom, students are bound to adopt their utility.  It is a much more enjoyable way for them to learn. iPads in education

Recently, Judkins Middle School purchased 35 iPad minis after receiving a grant from Pacific Gas and Electric Co.  After revealing and working with the iPads, 12-yr old Jeremiah Rodriguez says, “I am more comfortable with electronics than I am with a pencil.”  I believe this statement is one many young students can agree with.  The students of Judkins can’t get enough as they go on and on about how much they enjoy using the iPad in the classroom and how it makes learning much more fun.

I believe Judkins is a great example of how most kids would feel if they were given iPads in the classroom.  As Jeremiah Rodriguez said, they just feel more comfortable with them. As this trend picks up, teachers will need to be educated on how they can go about incorporating the iPad in their lesson plans

For tips and advice of the incorporation of iPads in the classroom, check out this informative blog “How to Prepare for iPad Technology in the Classroom”. 

If you are considering implementing iPads in the classroom we are here to help. SecurEdge has worked with schools all over the country. We are experts in classroom technology and school wireless network design so we can help you through the entire process. Feel free to contact us here with any questions or a free consultation. Our goal is to be a resource for you! Good luck!

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