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How We Design Wi-Fi For You

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How We Design Wi-Fi For You

By: Michael McNamee January 17, 2019 1 Category: Design
How We Design WiFi For You FINAL #2-1

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Here at SecurEdge Networks we understand that wireless design is both an art and a science and to deliver it properly we must balance both aspects in an effort to achieve two goals.

Our first goal is speed so that we can get you a proposal or an estimate so that you understand what you need and the cost for your wireless system.

Our second goal is accuracy so that we can ensure you've got the proper RF capacity and coverage for the devices and applications that you are gonna be using.

Our approach to wireless design also keeps your environment and industry specific challenges in mind. Our design team has an accumulated fifty plus years of related experience to pull from.

We aren’t so presumptuous to think we know it all as no two businesses or organizations are exactly identical. As a result, we need input from you to make sure we address your challenges and pains adequately.

Now to design wireless properly, we have to have some expertise around it. Our team attains expertise or has attained expertise around wireless design from multiple sources.

Our engineers go through manufacturer training and certification, wireless design software and certification, wireless industry training and certification, not to mention that SecurEdge as a company has over thirteen years of experience in the field in deployments to pull from that no book or classroom can replace.

Our design staff has over fifty plus years of related experience plus years of Wi-Fi design focus.

Now the culmination of our design approach plus our expertise around wireless design will result in a personalized design report for you. Your design will consider your environment plus the unique challenges and needs that we have identified with you. The design report will also identify AP locations and counts, what we predict the RF coverage to be as well as an estimate for the cost of the system which includes hardware, software, and services.


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