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How to Use RTLS to Get More Value from Your Wireless Network

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How to Use RTLS to Get More Value from Your Wireless Network

How much time and money would you say you’ve spent designing, and perfecting your enterprise wireless network? The exact amount obviously varies from network to network but we can probably all agree that it’s a lot. The more important question is why are so many of you not taking advantage of everything your campus wireless network has to offer?

Today, tracking your wireless users and devices in real-time has become (for most if not all) mission-critical. RTLS or real-time location services is a vital component that every college, hospital, warehouse and even retail store should look to invest in.

It’s true, deploying RTLS will cost you a little more on the front end, but having the ability to monitor and track everything that’s happening on your wireless network in real-time will absolutely pay for itself immediately.

To help you understand how RTLS can generate more value from your current wireless network here are two simple ways some of our clients are using real-time location services today.

Improving Troubleshooting

Whether it’s a college campus, a hospital, or even large manufacturing business, most people these days are connecting to network using wireless. Every one of these environments has large open areas where both employees and guests are using wireless devices.

These scenarios have put a big strain on IT teams and network administrators who are trying to support the network. Troubleshooting has typically been a slow and frustrating experience for everyone involved simply because you didn’t know where the problem was occurring, but with RTLS it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Real-time location services can help you quickly find and resolve issues by constantly monitoring and tracking where your each user is located throughout your environment. Having this information in real-time will dramatically speed up the troubleshooting process and keep both your IT teams and the people they support happy.

Improving the Business Process with RTLS

If there was one thing that real-time location services were made for, it was for improving the business process. With the increasing number of wireless devices and new trends like IoT (internet of things) RTLS has consequently also grown in relevance.

There are simply tons of devices you can track and pull data from in today’s world. All of that data can then be turned into meaningful insights that can be used to improve your business processes and workflows.

While this is true for many industries, healthcare seems to be at the forefront of this trend. Hospitals today are already filled with 1000’s of wireless devices, and in an environment where knowing where all of your assets and users are has always been mission-critical, RTLS is a perfect solution to accomplish that task, both accurately and efficiently.

RTLS can help track equipment, the status of that equipment, and all kinds of other data specific to each device and its intended use.

For example, do you want to know where the closest, clean IV pump is located? How about instead of manually checking temperature levels of critical assets you automate it with RTLS?

Knowing the location and status of your users and resources can have a big impact on your overall operational efficiency and the success of your business.

RTLS can help you resolve all kinds of issues, however, the key to unlocking its potential starts with your wireless network and the infrastructure or foundation upon which everything else sits.

If you have any questions about RTLS and getting more value out of your current wireless network, please contact us here, we’d love to see how we can help.

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