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How to Support BYOD: The IT Manager’s Must-Have Guide [Free Ebook]

These days, supporting bring your own device or BYOD is the rule not the exception. But, let’s be honest here: How well do you really know how to safely and effectively manage BYOD on your wireless network?

You may already know that you need to have the ability to identify each client that wants access to the network and then safely give them access, but there are a couple issues with that. First, there’s a bit more to it than just visibility and access, and second, how do you actually do it?

The old days of having a different network for each different system are over; let’s face it, your end users aren’t walking into your hospital, school or business carrying a desktop computer with them and plugging it into a wall.

BYOD means more devices and more applications, all of which are relatively unmanaged and consequently more difficult to secure. There are many pieces to properly supporting bring your own device and many questions that you need to answer. What are the benefits of having a BYOD policy? Are there any disadvantages? How do you prepare to support BYOD? What components do you need to include in your BYOD solution?

Here’s where our new guide Preparing for BYOD: Everything you need to know before you BYOD comes in handy. Whether you’d like to understand the need for a BYOD strategy, or exactly what components need to be part of your system, this guide will teach you everything you need to make sure your wireless network is ready to properly support bring your own device.

Since we know BYOD can be complicated, our new guide comes with some additional helpful tools as part of our BYOD Resource Kit which includes:

  • BYOD Security Policy Diagram
  • BYOD Readiness Checklist
  • And of course the Ebook: Preparing for BYOD

If you’ve been struggling with your current bring your own device solution, or have been putting off implementing a BYOD policy, you’ve come to the right place to master BYOD once in for all.

Download Preparing for BYOD: Everything you need to know before you BYOD.

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Danny Mareco

Danny Mareco

Danny is the Marketing Manager at SecurEdge Networks. This basically means it’s his mission in life to make sure you have the secure mobility tools and resources that you actually want and can use. P.S. He also loves a good craft beer.