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How to Purchase an EHR System: 3 Simple Steps to Stay on Budget

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How to Purchase an EHR System: 3 Simple Steps to Stay on Budget

By: Danny Mareco January 19, 2016   0 Category: Healthcare, Strategy

EHR systems aren’t an option anymore, but like most new healthcare technology systems, they’re not cheap either.

In a recent study conducted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT found that the average healthcare practice can plan on spending between $15,000 and $70,000 per provider when implementing a new EHR system.

There are many factors that go into these numbers including:

  • Hospital or practice requirements
  • Delivery platform (on-site vs off-site)
  • Payment plan

Keep in mind however, that these costs are just for the electronic health records system itself and don’t include any of the network infrastructure upgrades your hospital wireless network might need to guarantee the effective use of these new systems.

With so many financial questions and variables that go into an EHR deployment, it’s critical that you make sound, strategic decisions to not only set the right budget but also to avoid going over that budget.

Here are three simple steps you can follow to make sure you stay on budget when implementing your new electronic health records system.

Analyze your current network

No matter what you do, the most important step before purchasing anything is to perform a proper analysis of your hospital’s current mobility (network and wireless) infrastructure.

The quickest way to guarantee that you go over budget is to skip this step and either buy a lot of components you don’t need or you don’t buy them at all, thinking what you have will support your new system.

How many devices does your hospital already support, how many more will you plan on adding, what type of EHR system will you be using, do you have bandwidth policies in place, BYOD polices etc.

To ensure that all of your bases are covered you need to first start with a wireless site survey. This will give you the most accurate picture of your hospital’s current wireless environment and allow you to create a wireless network design that fits your new needs.

Free Money

There’s nothing more frustrating than after buying something you realize you could have bought it for a cheaper price. In healthcare this is also the case, however usually were talking hundreds of thousands of dollars and not just the cost of a new HD TV.

There are many different kinds of available grants that hospitals can use to fund EHR purchases such as the Health Resources and Services Administration or HRSA.

In addition there are also vendor payment plans and cost sharing opportunities that can help offset the cost of new healthcare technology deployments.

Financial assistance is out there you just have to know first that it exists and secondly where to look, so save yourself some money and do your homework before you buy.

Managed Services

It’s pretty safe to say that when it comes to supporting your hospitals wireless network the IT staff doesn’t have it easy.

With more and more devices accessing the network both from BYOD and from operations the hospital environment is only getting more complex, more dynamic and more costly to support.

Now imagine implementing a new system into your existing environment. Without the right amount of planning and right amount of skilled support staff you could be looking a costly disaster.

Managed services can help to support your current IT staff as they implement your new EHR system. Whether it’s with helping to deploy the new system itself or helping to cover existing systems, managed services can cover you where and when you need it.

This will ensure you get the job done efficiently and correctly the first time and you don’t have to worry about your current operations taking a hit while you do so.

At SecurEdge,we’ve been helping hospitals of all sizes to leverage new technologies to drive business inside of the healthcare environment. If you have any questions regarding mobility, business intelligence or your current infrastructure please contact us here, we’d love to see how we can help.

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