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How to Optimize Patient Care: The Growth of Big-Data in Healthcare [Infographic]

The main goal for every healthcare provider is to deliver the best quality care to all of their patients. It's no secret either that healthcare has become increasingly more complex and expensive, making successfully reaching that goal a serious challenge.

Fortunately, through the strategic use of new mobile technologies, hospital wireless networks and recent advancements in big-data and analytics, healthcare providers can create new, more efficient processes to increase patient satisfaction.

There are thousands of connected devices inside of our hospitals today, all of which generate valuable information that can be leveraged into meaningful insights.

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Over two thirds of hospital decision makers agree that analytics are a top priority for improving overall population health management. 

Many healthcare providers are either already on their way to utilizing big-data or are actively planning on starting in the very near future.

To help you gain a better understanding of what's motivating the big-data movement in healthcare, and what some of the current benefits and challenges are, check out the infographic from CDW below.


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Danny Mareco

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