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How to Maximize Your School Wireless Network with Secure Mobility

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How to Maximize Your School Wireless Network with Secure Mobility

By: Danny Mareco October 16, 2014   0 Category: Healthcare, K-12 Education, Security, Design, Enterprise

On June 29th, 2007 the world as we knew it had changed forever. This was day that the iPhone was first introduced and while some may argue this point, I believe that this day also introduced the world to what we now call “Secure Mobility”. Since the explosion of mobile devices and apps a lot has changed, especially when it comes to how we think about designing and building networks.secure mobility, school wireless networks, wifi service providers,

Back then it was all about “wired” and we thought about our networks as being in one location like a computer room or at our desks. It wasn’t built around the user, it was build around the location. Now it’s all about designing our wireless and wired networks for the user. We no longer work, learn or live our lives in one place and our networks need to shift to support this new world of always on, always connected.

Oh and did I mention also always secure.

At the beginning I mentioned “Secure Mobility” this is the driving force behind how we should think about designing and building today’s school wireless networks.

What is Secure Mobility?

Secure Mobility is simple, it’s about supporting these new always-on, always-connected environments without having to sacrifice security. It’s about being easy to manage while providing complete visibility. Secure Mobility is all about designing solutions based around the user, their experience and the business applications the network must support.

So what makes up Secure Mobility you may be asking....

Here is a list of the most essential aspects that make up Secure Mobility.

1 - Networking

Today’s mobile environments require a new kind of thinking and at it’s core (no pun intended) is being more intelligent about how we design and how those designs function. This means starting at the very fabric of your network, at the core, making sure you have the proper infrastructure to support increasingly demanding apps and mobile devices.

2 - Wireless

It’s an “always-on, always-connected” world out there, and that means our solutions must be flexible, as well as robust. This means understanding your environment by performing a wireless site survey to ensure you have a proper RF design for your specific implementation. Once you have done this, you can make sure you’re using the right products in the right way to get you the results your users demand and need.

3 - Performance Management

application performance testing, school wireless network design, wifi service providers,It takes a lot of work to design and deploy your network but it only takes a second for it to all come grinding to a halt. Today you must be able to monitor and control your network's performance. Through specific tools and tests like application performance testing and mobility assessments (to name a couple) you can monitor usage, take real-time measurements and produce actionable data that will help you constantly keep your network running at it’s best.

4 - Network Security

Security from malicious activity has only become more complicated and harder to detect and prevent. If you can’t see it, then how can you expect to control or stop it. Proper network security gives you the ability to have complete visibility into your users, the content and applications that are entering your environment. Then you can establish and implement specific policies to limit or stop any threats before they happen.

5 - Mobile Device Management/ Mobile Device Security

MDM, mobile device management solutions for school wireless networks,With the continued popularity and expectation to support BYOD and with companies or organizations issuing “company-owned” assets like in a 1:1 program for school wireless networks, mobile device management and mobile device security is rapidly becoming the go to solution. MDM gives you the ability to fully support any and all mobile devices from configuration to security.

6 - Network Access Control

It’s become pretty standard today that the more devices you have running on your network the more likely it is that you will have a security breach. The best network management solutions are easy to use, web-based, offer a centralized platform with an extremely granular view of your wireless network and are scalable. This all leads to quicker response times, SLA’s in the black, fewer surprises and more control.

When designed and executed correctly, proper “secure mobility” can take your organization to the next level not only today but tomorrow as well. At SecurEdge we have been successfully helping schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, retail stores and many other enterprise organizations development and deploy “secure mobility”. If you have questions or would like to speak with a mobility specialist, simply contact us here today.

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