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How to Improve Your Enterprise Wireless Networks with 802.11ac

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | April 1, 2014

Tablet sale estimates are now exceeding earlier IDC predictions and now being forecast at a 38.6% hike in 2014 (270.7 million tablets sold globally.)  This news comes alongside the statistics showing a global decline in sales of laptops and desktops with already a 6% drop in sales from last year.  

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So, as an enterprise trying to keep up with the ever growing and changing mobility surge, what does this mean for you, as a company?  A new breed of employee is changing the workforce as we know it and companies need to be on the ready!  A study, surveying 5,000+ employees shows a new characteristic of worker defined by owning 3+ devices, feeling more productive when working from home, caring more about flexible work times and hours than salaries and expecting, if not demanding, Wifi everywhere and ALL the time. 

So, as the mobility craze surges, and companies scrounge to keep up.  Technology is ever growing and changing to try and match the increasing need for speed and connectivity at all costs. 

Welcome to the scene the new 802.11ac technology!

802.11ac technology is a set of physical layer enhancements for higher throughput in the 5-GHz band.  This technology continues the techniques developed in 802.11n with additional antennas, wider channels, more spatial streams and a number of features that improves throughput and reliability. 

For further understanding of the enhancements the new technology brings you can refer to one of our earlier blogs, “802.11ac vs. 802.11n (Infographic): Which wireless solution is better?”  

A main takeaway from the article is that if you have recently found yourself having deployed an 802.11n network your investment was not a waste.  The new technology plays extremely well with the current network you deployed. 

So if you want to replace or even add-on to your current network it is perfectly suitable to buy an 802.11ac access point to mix in. See, “Can you mix 802.11ac Access Points with 802.11n Wireless?”  for more information. 

This improved throughput and reliability can easily be sprinkled in to your existing network or when thinking of a complete wireless refresh make sure and take a look at this new technology.

When getting into discussions about revamping your wireless for employee’s secure access make sure to discuss the availability a network has to be centrally managed and visualization of:802.11ac, enterprise wireless solutions, wifi service providers,

  • Top Users
  • Layer 7 (Application Layer)
  • How your network is performing
  • What OS’s are running on your network
  • The paths of connectivity
  • RF Quality of your network 

Our engineers, with 8 years of wireless experience, are experts in planning and implementing the proper secure technology for your business to get on their way.  Contact us here with any questions.  We have been designing and installing wireless systems for thousands of users and mobile devices.  Let us help move you well on your way to the future of wireless on your enterprise wireless network. Contact us here with any questions or for a free consultation.

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