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How to Increase Efficiency: A Handy Guide to Deploying a Robust, Hospital Wireless Network [Free Guide]

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How to Increase Efficiency: A Handy Guide to Deploying a Robust, Hospital Wireless Network [Free Guide]

By: Danny Mareco May 17, 2016   0 Category: Healthcare, Strategy, Design

We’re willing to bet that supporting a robust, wireless experience is important to every healthcare provider, but creating a scalable, high-performing, secure hospital wireless network that supports both your business goals as well as all of your user’s expectations can be kind of complicated.

Most hospitals invest a lot of time and money into their wireless infrastructures, but did you know that according to Gartner, most large scale wireless networks will be outdated or obsolete within 18 months? Keeping up with technology seems like a nearly impossible task to achieve, right?

Designing and deploying a successful wireless network all comes down to how well you plan and the quality of yourwireless network design.

With increasing numbers of mobile devices and connected things (the IoT) and your users demanding a more robust Wi-Fi experience, you can’t afford (literally) to get any part of the system wrong.

How do you deploy a network that can not only support all of your current mobility requirements but scale with you as you grow? Check out this free -- Hospital Wireless Network Design Guide -- in this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to plan and scale your wirelessinfrastructure even when growing at incredible rates.
  • Discover what the first thing to consider is when deploying wireless in health care.
  • Figure out what devices and applications will be running over your network and how they will be managed
  • Determine what kind of security measures are needed to fully support both your mission critical applications and guest users.
  • Why location-services should be a part of your strategy and how to plan for its use

Ready to get started? Click here to download the free guide today.

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