How Technology is Eliminating Waste and Lowering the Cost of Healthcare [Free Ebook]

It’s been estimated that wasteful processes and the lack of control over equipment can cost healthcare organizations between $4000 and $5000 per bed each year. If you take a 400 bed hospital and do the math, that’s a 1.6 million dollar problem.

In total, the healthcare industry in the United States wastes more than $800 billion dollars per year. This is why it’s safe to say that any positive change in efficiency or productivity will have a major fiscal impact on healthcare operations.

This has helped lead to what’s known as the lean healthcare movement, where the ultimate goal of the hospital is to create value by eliminating waste. However, implementing a lean healthcare strategy on its own isn’t enough to guarantee your new strategy will actually work.

Technology, both hardware (RTLS, RFID etc.) and software (Big-data and analytics etc.) have been proven time and time again to be an effective solution to the intense pressures many hospitals are facing today.

From controlling costs with better equipment utilization, increasing efficiency and productivity with real-time location services, or driving up patient satisfaction scores with more personalized and timely care, technology systems are perfectly positioned to help every healthcare organization to eliminate waste through a lean healthcare strategy.

But what kind of results can you expect to see? What types of technology systems are being used to drive results, eliminate waste and validate that you're making the right decisions?

To help you better understand what’s possible, we’ve created this new ebook, “Lean Healthcare: How to use technology to eliminate waste and lower the cost of healthcare”.

In this ebook we go over:

  • What lean healthcare is
  • The 7 types of waste found in today’s hospital environments
  • 3 use cases exploring how actual hospitals are utilizing technology to maximize their lean healthcare strategies
  • What you can do to get started

Ready to start lowering costs and create a more efficient and patient-focused hospital?

Download your copy of Lean Healthcare: How to use technology to eliminate waste and lower the cost of healthcare here here and start eliminating waste today.

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Danny Mareco

Danny Mareco

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