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How Retail Wi-Fi Can Reach It's Full Potential [Infographic]

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | October 30, 2015

In-store Wi-Fi is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature for retailers. Today offering both employees and customers in-store wireless access has become a fundamental component of the modern day retail experience.

However, while the majority of the retail industry has some level of wireless access, 60% of retailers still report having an out-of-date wireless infrastructure.

How can you expect to deliver the type of in-store experience customers expect today using yesterday’s Wi-Fi technology?

The answer is simple, you can’t, and this is why most retailers that are offering wireless connectivity to their customers are only experiencing a fraction of what’s actually possible.

While your Wi-Fi infrastructure is usually the biggest factor when it comes to your wireless frustrations, the other reason is simple lack of knowledge or knowing what you can do with Wi-Fi.

According to a recent study entitled the “Impact of Store Networks and WiFi on Customer Experience” conducted by the IHL Group, fewer than one out of five retailers are using Wi-Fi to offer shoppers relevant opt-in offers.

Consumers today want a personalized experience and wireless offers you the ability to support this demand by allowing you to deliver relevant, personalized messaging straight to your customer’s mobile devices while your shoppers are in the store.

It’s all about context; wouldn’t it be great to get a discount on the item you looking to buy as you’re in the aisle actually looking at the item, odds are everyone would enjoy that type of experience.

The simple fact is that shopper loyalty has a huge impact on your bottom line. Data from IHL shows that 48% of stores that offered sufficient wireless access to their employees (we’re not even including your customers here) produced a 3.4% increase in sales.


Employees supplied with Wi-Fi connected mobile devices become empowered with the information that these devices offer them.

With more data or information on things like, inventory levels, shopper profiles, product locations and having more efficient POS capabilities your employees can make smarter decisions that translate to a better customer experience.

This in the end increases customer loyalty which in-turn increases sales.

The in-store experience continues to evolve and as it does it’s becoming clearer that wireless or better yet mobility will play a bigger and bigger role in your success.

To help you better understand exactly how this evolution is taking place here’s an infographic showing you what both customers and employees are looking for from the in-store retail wifi experience.

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