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How Campus Wifi Is Shaping The College Experience [Infographic]

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How Campus Wifi Is Shaping The College Experience [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco September 9, 2014   0 Category: K-12 Education, Security

When I look back at my college years I immediately think about how great of an experience I had. However, now, because of the explosion of mobile technology and better campus wifi performance, I’ve realized that higher education has become a vastly different environment and experience than the one I remember. The kicker is that its only been 7 years.

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Recently, Flat World Education published an infographic that shows just how much the “typical” college experience has changed over the last 30 years. To me it’s unbelievable that most of these differences established themselves in the last 15 to 10 years alone.

Why does this matter, you might ask?

It’s important to understand these changes to better understand the new higher education environment and how this plays a role into how we design campus wireless networks to support and adapt to this changing environment.

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Today it’s about establishing secure mobility; designing networks that are built around systems. Ultimately the goal being to provide the best experience possible that fully supports your users and your applications.

Check out the infographic below.

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From the infographic above there are many very interesting points that make you go “wow, things have changed.”

Today’s students are a mix of all types of people and are both young and old. It seems as students now a days we are doing a lot more than just studying, where studying and going to school are just one aspect of our lives. What this means is that everyone is using technology in their own way and expects their experience to be exactly that, their own experience. The challenge is how do you deliver that across platforms, applications, users, and even physical location, securely?

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A good place to start is with what you are trying to support, or your goals or new initiatives. Then ask, what kind of applications are you running or looking to run, how many users do you have, what types of devices are being used, how many devices and so on. Having a clear picture of your current environment as well as what you are trying to do in that environment will start you down the right path of implementing the correct campus wireless solutions to be successful.

In an always on, always connected, cloud driven, mobile world, it’s important to have a rock-solid foundation built for today that can be adaptive to support tomorrow. At SecurEdge we have been designing and supporting higher education campuses to bring the ultimate secure mobility experience to their institutions for almost 10 years. If you have any questions you can simply get in touch with us here!

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