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How Campus Wi-Fi Networks Can Leverage Big-Data to Personalize Education [Infographic]

What if the college experience could be as customized as your Netflix account? In other words, what if based on different collected data points your education could be tailored to actual context instead of generalized learning tracks? In today’s world of mobile and 24/7 connectivity, more and more students want a personalized learning experience when going to class. By leveraging the vast amounts of big-data that's being generated everyday on your campus wifi network, it’s now possible to give them what they want.

Whether it’s online testing, online classes, or through your LMS (learning management system) there’s an increased amount of data being generated. This kind of big-data and learning analytics can be viewed in many different ways to create many different actionable results.

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These results can include what actions generated better grades, or when is a student at risk for not finishing a particular course.

Like in many other industries gathering analytics and big-data to gain actionable insights into your operations provides you with context or business intelligence.

In the case of higher education, harnessing big-data not only provides business intelligence form the school’s perspective by offering insights into what courses to offer, when to offer them what tools you need to create better experiences etc. but it also provides your teachers and most importantly your students with learning intelligence.

Learning intelligence is what teachers and students need to create a more personalized experience that will help them generate the best outcomes for both.

To help you see the potential that big-data can deliver to your campus, check out this infographic from collegestats.org below.

Click on the image for a larger view.


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