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Healthcare Ransomware: The Threat You Should Be Concerned About [Infographic]

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Healthcare Ransomware: The Threat You Should Be Concerned About [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco June 30, 2016   0 Category: Healthcare, Security

Did you know that more than 80 percent of healthcare providers spend less than 6% of their total IT budgets on security, and that more than 50% actually admit to that number being less than 3%!

According to a recent study by HIMSS Analytics and Symantec, the alarming stats don’t stop there, with almost 75% of the 100 health IT decision-makers surveyed saying security is rarely talked about at board meetings, and typically only by request.

This lack of preparation and lack of strategic importance when it comes to cybersecurity makes it far too obvious why hackers are targeting healthcare organizations more and more.

One type of attack that’s getting a lot of attention and rightfully so, are ransomware attacks. With little skill required and huge payouts, hackers are seeing ransomware in healthcare as a very low-risk high-reward opportunity.

Hospital IT managers as well as hospital executives need to start tacking threats like ransomware serious; moving away from reacting to immediate security threats to implementing a total and complete cybersecurity strategy.

When it comes down to it, most healthcare organizations today are sitting ducks when facing a ransomware attack.

Check out the infographic we’ve put together below to learn more about ransomware and how you can start to protect your healthcare organization from a costly cybersecurity attack.

At SecurEdge, it’s our ultimate goal to help you create an affordable, robust, secure, and easy to support wireless network platform. If you have any questions about protecting your network against ransomware or would like to discuss an upcoming project, please contact us here today.

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