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Growth of iPads in the classroom (and other mobile devices)

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | May 24, 2013

Tablets like the iPad have only been around for a few years, but these fantastic little gadgets have already started to transform education. They are flooding into classrooms all over the United States and are getting student more engaged and excited about learning than ever before.

It seems like almost every day we are hearing about a different school implementing a program for tablets particularly iPads in the classroom. It doesn’t look like this trend will cease either.

According to studies by FutureSource, tablet sales into K-12 exceeded 3.5 million units in 2012, a growth of 340% on 2011. Sales are expected to double again in 2013, to reach close to 7 million. Currently over 2,300 school districts are using iPads in the classroom, according to Apple.

So, yeah this little trend has grown and grown and I believe in the future you will begin to see every student walking around with some sort of tablet or other mobile devices instead of lugging around backpacks slammed full of books.  

Netop recently published an interesting survey that shows three things:

  • iPads are already being used in many classrooms.

  • Schools plan on investing in iPads in the classroom by 2014.

  • The main things teachers want to be able to do with classroom technology can be done with the iPad.

iPads in the classroom

Check out this interesting infographic created by OpenColleges about the use of tablets in education.  It’s no surprise it shows Apple as the leading brand for tablet usage.

ipads in education infographic

If your school is interested in implementing mobile devices like iPads in the classroom, you can contact us here with any questions or for a free consultation. We have worked with over 250 schools all over the country and are always happy to help. Also check out our free downloadable eBook “How to prepare for iPads in the classroom”. It has more good information you might find useful. Our goal is to be a resource for you! Good luck!

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