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Current State and Future of Mobile Device Technology in the Classroom

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | April 24, 2013

Wireless technology is changing at a rapid pace as well as continuing it’s accelerating proliferation into classrooms all over the Uinted States. Students spend a lot of time outside of school using mobile devices for fun, games, and communication. Why not capture these skills and take advantage of their “love” for technology to improve student learning? Using mobile devices as learning tools in the classroom just makes sense.

Using mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads in the classroom has opened access to learning opportunities that were previously unattainable. Educators are able to influence and reach students on a new level. Students are more engaged and excited about learning than ever before, and the personalized education teachers can offer student is incredible and overall just creates a more effective learning experinece for the student. 

Also think about this, what better way to prepare students for their future careers, than to teach them with the types of tools they will be using for those careers. Again, using technolgy in the classroom just makes sense.

I wanted to share this great infographic by T Mobile. It sheds some light on where schools are currently with mobile learning adoption as well as some preditions for the future of using wireless technology in the classroom. Check it out below.

technology in the classroom infographic

As you can see from the inforgraphic above, mobile devices are impacting education and will continue to invading classrooms everywhere. You can’t run from it, so you might as well embrace it. If your school is considering integrating mobile devices into the classroom, we are here to help.

We have helped schools all over the United States bring technology to the classroom through various programs such as 1:1 implementations and BYOD. We are experts and are always more then happy to give advice, answer your questions, and help you figure out your next steps. Please contact us here with any questions or for a free consultation. Our goal is to be a resource for you! Good luck!

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