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BYOD Implementation: Are You Ready?

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | July 24, 2013

It’s a nightmare that all too often comes true. The first day of the new school year has begun. BYOD implementation has been launched and the teachers who seemed ready for the transition are frantically trying to help students connect after several attempted failures.

Here are some important steps to consider that allows you to make sure your BYOD launch is ready:

Plan effectively

ipads-on-students-desks-in-the-classroomObviously you need a properly set up school wireless network system with adequate capacity to support the amount of devices being used in each classroom. Make sure the applications and websites that will be used have been tested on the network. A test would best be run using as many devices as will be utilized during classroom learning to get a true idea of how well the network is operating. Will the classroom have 25 students? If so, fire up 25 devices streaming multi-media and make sure there is no degradation in performance. The old tests of walking a laptop around the school to see if it stays connected is no longer applicable in this day in age. Make sure your network can handle the challenge of the low transmit powered devices the student’s will be bringing in.

Have backup plans

byod implementationDon’t put all your eggs in one basket. BYOD is best utilized as an enhancement to the learning environment as opposed to the sole instruction. When you have all different types of devices not one application will be best for all students. Research the applications that work best on each device and make sure lesson plans using the devices are somewhat generic. More often than not websites will be a better fit for a BYOD environment than specific applications.


wireless network securityIn most instances with a BYOD solution the school will not own the devices themselves. Your school wireless network needs to have a way to regulate who is connecting to the network and be able to visually see what devices they are using. Then, a proper role can be assigned to the user and the device and policies can be written to make sure the user can only go certain places on the network based on that assigned role. Proactively, this allows for knowledge of needed software updates and anti-virus to be run. Make sure your administrators and staff properly know how the web filters and logins work to avoid any confusion on launch day!

BYOD can be an amazing tool to allow student engagement and collaboration to be at peak levels. With proper planning, the first day using this new platform can leave no distractions as your entire staff and your network will be ready and available.

If your organization is looking to pursue the implementation of BYOD, don’t let an outdated wired or wireless system slow you down. The team here at Securedge Networks has helped many schools in the design and deployment of wireless network infrastructures capable of handling today’s modern learning needs. Contact us here if you have any questions or would like a free consultation. Have a great day!

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