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BYOD Enterprise Wireless Networking Solutions: 6 Cold, Hard Facts

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | May 23, 2012

byod in enterprise

BYOD (bring your own device) is no longer just a trend, it’s widespread and here to stay. Many companies have already embraced it, encouraging and allowing employees to use their own devices on the company’s wireless network. Because of the possible security risks to the company’s network and data, some are still leery. BYOD can offer many benefits along with many security threats to the enterprise wireless network as well if not implemented correctly. Below are the cold hard facts compiled from multiple BYOD surveys and reports regarding the current numbers and future of BYOD on enterprise wireless networks.

1) Employees are already doing it anyways:BYOD wireless network

  • Whether you have BYOD in place or not, over 80% of employees surveyed use a personal mobile device at work.

2) The popularity will only continue to grow:BYOD enterprise

  • By 2015, analysts say there will be almost 15 billion wireless network connected devices.

3) Employees just want a little freedom:

  • 66% of all employees want to use ANY mobile device.

4) Technology makes employees happy!Smiling Man with ipad 300x199

  • 61% of companies surveyed that have implemented a BYOD plan on their wireless network system have higher employee satisfaction.

5) People just love mobile devices so much….

  • Some are even willing to take a lower paying job that offers BYOD than the higher one that doesn’t (40% of college students would and 45% employees would)

6) Jump on the bandwagon already!

  • 75% of the companies surveyed already allow BYODipad in business

  • 50% allow any device and 25 % specify which mobile devices are allowed on the enterprise wireless network.

  • Don’t be part of the 25% that doesn’t.

Many companies are allowing employees to BYOD (bring their own devices) into the workplace, and with the constant acceleration of mobile technology the popularity is only going to grow exponentially. You’ve seen the numbers, these devices are coming to your wireless network if they haven’t already, so you might as well buckle down, get a plan and take advantage of the potential cost savings, improved employee satisfaction, and increased productivity BYOD can offer.

Wireless network security and the overload of mobile devices on the wireless network system are some of the main concerns for many companies. You need to manage all of the risks that come from BYOD devices without compromising security or performance of your enterprise wireless network. That’s why if you’re considering allowing BYOD access, we recommend you find someone who has experience designing, deploying, and supporting these types of secure wireless networks.

Here at SecurEdge Networks, we specialize in building completely secure wireless networks for BYOD and always plan for the future of mobile devices. Contact us here for a free consultation with one of our experts or download one of our free resources. Good luck!

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