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BYOD at the Forefront of Employee Morale & Productivity

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | September 3, 2013

Many companies believe the days of issuing electronic equipment to employees for work use might be an antiquated process. With the trend in mobile devices growing many employees want to use the equipment they own for both work and play.

Companies are finding that allowing their employees to use their own devices can bring about increased productivity and a boost in morale. Not to mention the financial implications as companies are saving when not having to furnish employee equipment.

Even companies that are shying away from Bring Your Own Device policies are unaware that they are in the midst of using the trend already. If employees are storing work data on personal cloud storage that is still a form of the employee using their own device. If an employee drafts a work memo on a personal device or forwards a work email to later open it on a personal device that employee is participating in the Bring Your Own Device craze. So, instead of shying away from the trend entirely companies should get busy NOW putting effective policies in place because as data shows, the trend is only gaining momentum.Employees at Enterprise using BYOD

Policy Tips to Consider

Network level intelligence (Next Generation Security) which allows the network to detect if the corporate AD credential user is joining the network on a wired or wireless infrastructure and if he/she is using a corporate device or a personal one to then apply differentiated access policies based on the access needed to be allowed for the device in different situations.

Proper mobile device management measurement needs to be applied to protect any confidential data if a device is lost or stolen. This can be done several ways including limiting user access to specific apps and data areas. Data from the lost device should be able to be wiped remotely from a central data center when the employee calls in the device lost or stolen.

Unified Performance Management considerations combining bandwidth management, WAN optimization, and application acceleration into a single network appliance for centralized management needs to be considered. With employee’s own devices on networks optimized bandwidth needs to be considered so work applications can be given precedence over Netflix or Facebook when employees are in the building.

Bring your own device doesn’t have to be scary or unattainable. We have helped hundreds of organizations embrace this growing trend with a secure and proper infrastructure. You can contact us herewith any questions or for a free consultation.

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