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Always-on Learning | Secure School Wireless Networks

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Always-on Learning | Secure School Wireless Networks

By: Danny Mareco June 8, 2011   0 Category: K-12 Education, Higher Education, Strategy

Students of all ages are now living in the time of increasing wireless, social networking, gaming and mobile devices. As technology continues to grow, school wireless networks are now expected to be able to handle the many mobile devices per user and provide bandwidth strong enough to support them. Wireless technology truely provides an "always-on" learning atmosphere for students. But what does it take to support the many new devices? What kind of security and bandwidth is needed?

school wireless network security learning

The always-on learning environment is very valuable to a students education because it allows instant engagement.

Teachers can allow students to use technology to increase their learning ability.

There used to only be three types of learning: auditory, kinetic and visual -- mobile and wireless learning combines all three actions into one powerful learning method.

School Wireless Networks need to be able to support not just the wireless of today, but for the future as well. When we plan and design a secure school wireless network, we take into account the future of technology, not just what it can support today.

As the IT director for your school wireless network, there are many variables and questions for you to consider for your school wireless network. These questions may include:

  • Can my current wireless network handle the increasing user density?
  • How strong is my current wireless network bandwidth for intensive applications?
  • Is my school wireless network secure? What is the best way to secure it?
  • How can I allow guest users on my school wireless network?
  • How can I restrict certain websites or activity on the school wireless network?
  • How can I improve the school wireless networks capacity and coverage?

SecurEdge Networks helps design, deploy and manage school wireless networks across the United States. Need help with your school wireless network? Contact us for a wireless network design.

With the proper wireless LAN (WLAN) foundation, all your wireless network struggles and weaknesses will be resolved with a strong balance of security, safety and the ability to handle future wireless network needs.

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