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Add Guest Access to Your Wireless Network Design

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Add Guest Access to Your Wireless Network Design

By: Danny Mareco September 23, 2011   0 Category: Hospitality, Retail, Security

Guest Access

Guest Access is a secure way to share your wireless network. It is typically one of the first applications implemented by organizations with a wireless LAN. Guest Access allows visitors to your wireless network, such as contractors, partners or prospective clients, a secure wireless network connection on your current wLAN.

Here are just three benefits Guest Acess can provide:

Separation of Guest Traffic

Guest Access will help separate traffic, easily keeping un-trusted users away from private network resources with an integrated ICSA stateful firewall. For example, contractors can have a different security policy applied to them without giving them full corporate network privileges.

Usage and Audit Data

View historical data accounting for who used the network, when they used it and how it was used. These reports can help track each individual's use of the network.

Fully Customizable Captive Portal

This Captive Portal can be fully customized to match your enterprise or campus. This Captive Portal can block devices from accessing the network until a web browser is opened and authentication credentials are entered.

Those benefits, combined with the minimal administration costs for Guest Access, make Guest access very valuable to any enterprise, business, school or campus. Control and protect your wireless network with Guest Access by downloading our free wireless design kit.

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