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A Visual Report of Tablet Usage in Healthcare [Infographic]

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A Visual Report of Tablet Usage in Healthcare [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco March 19, 2015   0 Category: Healthcare, Strategy

Healthcare has always been dominated by paperwork. For as long as I can remember, every trip I made to the doctor or emergency room meant paperwork. Filling out forms, taking tests, and questionnaires, there had to be a better way.

There was, and it was called electronic medical records. Not only did this save on time and countless forests of paper, but it was also very effective at improving the communication and quality of care between patients, their doctors and the other health care providers involved, like pharmacies and insurance companies.

In 2001 only 18% of physicians used the EMR/EHR system, by 2011 that number had grown to 57%. Today it’s the standard not the exception; in fact 2 out of 3 patients say they would consider switching physicians to one who offers access to medical records through a secure internet connection.

With more and more patients and physicians using mobile devices in healthcare (predominantly smartphones and tablets) to access their health information, and the healthcare environment shifting to becoming more connected and mobile, it’s critical that our hospital wireless networks grow and adapt to support this evolution.

To better understand what your hospital wifi network is up against here is an infographic that illustrates how today’s physicians are using tablets on your network.


Using an EMR or EHR system has become the standard, however it must be secure and have the performance to be effective.

In today’s mobile world, network security threats can come from anywhere; from content, the network itself, different applications, even from the air. And although having the newest technology is great, it doesn’t matter if it’s unsecure and under-performs.

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You have to always remember that the main problem with mobile is that without proper security it leaves you exposed and vulnerable. With strict regulations and critical systems at risk, this means that network security in healthcare needs to be a top priority.

It’s all about setting the right goals and then designing the best solution or network possible to support those goals. In an ever changing environment like healthcare, the key for success is constantly testing and constantly planning for the future.

At SecurEdge, we have helped countless numbers of hospitals and healthcare businesses on their way to secure mobility. If you would like an analysis of your current network or would like to discuss upgrading your wireless network, simply contact us here!

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