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Impact of iPads & Other Technology in the Classroom as Learning Tools

These days it seems like technology is everywhere you turn. For many students it has become an integral part of the classroom. Today’s tech-savvy generation has the luxury of experiencing things like gaming, blogging, creating websites, publishing eBooks, and even Skpying with guest speakers or friends all over the world.

Needless to say technology in the classroom has made learning much more interesting and fun. Have you ever thought about how devices like iPads in the classroom are impacting students?

This great infographic below on classroom technology reveals things like what percent of classrooms have internet access now, the impact of Twitter on students GPA’s, and much more fascinating survey results.

iPads in the Classroom Infographic

As you can see iPads and other technology in the classroom are fundamental aspects to education these days. More and more classroom technology is invading school wireless networks every day. To get the most out of all these great new technologies you must start by preparing your wireless network infrastructure to support them.

If you are in need of some guidance you can contact us here.  We are experts in implementing classroom technology and have worked with schools all over the US. So we are more than happy to help. Also check out our Free eBook below for more great information. Good luck!


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Ashley Wainwright

Ashley Wainwright

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