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5 Network Security Issues Every College Struggles With [Infographic]

Do you ever find yourself asking the question, how secure is secure enough? 

If you answered yes, you're not alone. That's the million dollar question in network security and it's a question you never really know the answer to until you've had to put it to the test. (Which everyone hopes they don't have to)

Unfortunately some industries, in this case higher education, are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than others. 

Why is that? 

One of the main reasons is the vast amounts of data that's being generated on our college and university campuses. 

In fact, research firm Science Daily has found that out of all of the data ever generated from the beginning of data itself, 90 percent of it has been created over the past 3 years alone.

That's a lot of data.

The big problem with that from a network security standpoint according to Oracle's VP of Public Sector Health care & Higher Education, Ken Currie is,

"The truth of the matter is, with all these new sources of data, there are hordes of attackers going after different amounts and different parts of the data. There's different threats and a lot more breaches as a result…"

The worst part is there is no one answer to guarantee a perfectly secure campus wifi network. 

It takes a layered approach that is comprehensive, dynamic and as we've said before, is balanced to also allow for a rich user experience. 

Colleges and universities are at a greater risk than most other institutions or businesses because of the sheer volume of mobile devices connecting to their network.

And this demand for access is only increasing and diversifing every day.

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When it comes down to it the best way to establish control over your campuses IT security needs is to plan and plan some more. 

It's an on-going, dynamic process that evolves over-time. However, as many higher education IT budgets are centered around looking for the lowest bidders, their network security issues will unfortunately be tied to the principal of "you get what you pay for".

In-order to help higher education IT leaders properly prepare their wireless networks for the many security challenges ahead EDUCAUSE has released a very detailed infographic that highlights the top five strategic information security issues for 2015. 


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Danny Mareco

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