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5 Major Cybersecurity Trends You Should be Prepared for in 2016

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5 Major Cybersecurity Trends You Should be Prepared for in 2016

By: Danny Mareco January 15, 2016   0 Category: Security

With every new year comes new technologies, but that new tech also means new security threats. How prepared is your business's network for new cybersecurity threats in 2016?

In 2015, IBM and the Ponemon Institute determined the average cost of a data breach to be $3.79 million. We saw plenty of major companies find themselves vulnerable to hackers and data breaches throughout last year, and as data grows, so will the threats.

Here are five major trends in cybersecurity that you should consider when finalizing your 2016 network security goals.

Don't Get Lost in the Clouds

The cloud to many, is this amazing ability to store data and always have access to it, even though they really don't know where it's stored.

An increasing amount of data and services are living in the cloud, meaning IT departments can lose control over their data.

If employees are circumventing IT to pick and choose their own services, possibly avoiding security protocols and processes in place, this could be a recipe for disaster.

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Make sure the IT department has full transparency of your data, processes, and services at all times.

Reassess your cloud solutions and consider if they adhere to current compliance regulations to avoid potential liability. It is your responsibility to set the parameters and ensure your cloud services meet your security needs.

Your Data is Being Held Hostage

Ransomware attacks encrypts your most important files and holds them hostage until you pay the ransom. Genius name right?

These type of attacks are expected to grow within 2016 because businesses want their data back and often will pay the money to do so.

With the right amount of proper planning you can reduce the risk and threat of ransomware from having a strong backup routine and use of real-time security software and protection.

Gone Phishing

Just as companies want to do more with less, so do criminals. Cybercriminals want to use the easiest methods to gain access to data, this usually comes by having the individual or business handing over access without realizing they are doing so.

Phishing attacks can appear as legitimate looking emails, websites, or messages that at first glance (maybe even second and third) appear to be from a trusted source.

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Often times in just one click your data is can be exposed. Other than being educated about these types of attacks, robust security with real-time monitoring and blocking is necessary to ensure your data's protection.

Keeping Known Vulnerabilities in Mind

You would think that known security threats and vulnerabilities would be handled and become less of a threat…wrong.

HP found that almost half of the breaches in 2014 (44%) were to weaknesses less than four years old. Thus software must be repaired at an ongoing basis to avoid this easy route for hackers.

Maintaining Visibility with The Internet of Things

Increasing the number of connected devices means increasing the potential for security threats. The Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed connectivity to exist in every aspect of our lives, which has its advantages, but also creates a complex flow of data that can lose transparency.

Maintaining proper encryption of sensitive data with restricted access is of the utmost importance.

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The growing number of threats may seem cumbersome, but with proper network configuration, visibility and the right security policies, you can protect yourself and your business from cyberthreats.

Proper configuration and wireless management is our forte, please contact us here to see how we can help protect your company's future. 

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