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4 Ways Unified Enterprise Wireless Networks Are Simplifying Your Life

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4 Ways Unified Enterprise Wireless Networks Are Simplifying Your Life

To say it’s an interesting time for IT professionals is an understatement to say the least. Everywhere you look mobile is taking over. From students to doctors everyone is using smartphones, tablets, laptops and even wearable tech to access your enterprise wireless networks. For most of us this has been a fantastic advancement, for others such as IT leaders and professionals this has created more than a few headaches, namely from increased user demands and network security risks.

New mobile devices aren’t the only things challenging your IT teams; with them has come a flood of new data-hogging applications like streaming video and music services. These new applications place an incredible strain on enterprise level networks from both a performance and security standpoint.

Combine the above with outdated networks and disparate policies for both wired and wireless network access and you get the perfect recipe for frustration, decreased productivity and basically all around network disaster.

So what’s the answer to meet your users increasing demands and provide both you and them with the right amount of security?

A Unified Network

What a lot of people don’t realize is that even though mobile is the growing focus we still have wired networks (usually outdated) to deal with. This is why the need for unified or converged networks has become a main priority.

By creating one unified campus-wide network and implementing it with a central management system that provides network access control you will be able to push your services out at the edge and ultimately create better security and scalability for your network.

We’ve put together a short-list of four of the most important advantages that you can expect to benefit from when creating a unified network.

Central Management

One of the most noticeable benefits is having a central point of command over your entire enterprise wireless network. It’s a fact that mobile creates a tremendous problem for IT leaders when it comes to visibility. However, the right unified network equipped with Wi-Fi management software can give you dynamic reporting and troubleshooting to offer you real-time network optimization analytics.

Less Complicated

This is pretty straightforward; by deploying a unified network you will have created a simpler more efficient network by implementing an infrastructure that eliminates the need for disparate wired and wireless networks and their accompanying security policies.

Effortlessly Implement New Devices

The proliferation of mobile devices is not only the catalyst for unified strategies but is also showing no signs of slowing down. New devices are coming out and onto enterprise networks seemingly every day. Utilizing a unified network with SDN (Software-Defined Networking), IT leaders can grow with new technology instead of trying to catch up.

Better Cost Efficiency

With a centrally managed network comes many things, but the one thing that you might enjoy the most is how much money it will save you. With a more efficient network you’ll cut costs normally associated with exhaustive, traditional network management and painstaking troubleshooting. As a result of better performance and less down-time everyone accessing your network will benefit from great productivity.

The third way you’ll cut costs is with the ability to adapt with your changing environment. Whether it’s new technology, more users or more devices your network will have the ability to scale and grow as you do.

As our schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and even manufacturing industries become more dependent upon wireless and mobile devices the goal for our IT leaders are to create more efficient unified networks that will provide everyone with secure and reliable mobility.

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