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4 Essential Elements for BYOD in the Classroom

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | September 16, 2013

BYOD in school“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” -John Dewey

Many schools see the value in making the shift to mobile learning.  Studies prove student’s engagement and motivation can be positively affected with the use of technology in the classroom.  Today, outside of class, kids are increasingly becoming more and more mobile.  They are connected virtually all the time and extracting information live and on demand.  Enabling students to have this type of mobility in the classroom allows them to learn the way they know and are comfortable with.  It makes for a much more engaged student and one better prepared for the outside world.

The reality is, with the ever increasing cut in budgets, BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device is looking to be the greatest answer to integrating technology effectively in today’s environment.   BYOD implementations have proven to have stronger student engagement as the student feels a sense of ownership to the lesson when the device being used belongs to that student. 

When implementing a BYOD solution consider these simple yet essential elements:BYOD in the classroom

SECURE WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE:  Make sure your infrastructure is securely built to allow different online access for teachers/administrators and students. 

SCALABILITY:  Make sure your wireless infrastructure is built to allow for quick and easy growth.  BYOD implementation will mean an increased amount of devices on the network and the amount of devices students bring in will change over time.  Plan ahead and have an infrastructure that is scalable to begin with.  It will save time, money and stress on the back end.

EDUCATION:  Ongoing education for staff members on the best ways to improve their classroom with technology along with consultative education for IT staff on the changes needing to take place when implementing is essential.  Take time to educate and continue to educate as technology is ever changing and evolving.

BACKUP DEVICES:  Make sure the budget sets money aside for a small amount of devices for students that will not be able to afford a device or if a student happen to break one during a teaching session.  A cart with devices that are shared throughout the school could be the answer but some type of backup is essential.  Schools should plan ahead with budgeting numbers.  Allow for emergency devices to be on hand. technology in the classroom

BYOD can be the answer for schools that long to send their children into classrooms where they are involved in 21st Century learning, but may not have the budget to implement a 1:1 initiative immediately.  With proper planning and budgeting, it is truly a viable answer for any classroom in any school. 

These are just 4 of the most essential elements for BYOD in schools. Of course there are many other important considerations as well. If you are considering allowing BYOD and have any questions or would like a free BYOD readiness consultation with one of our experts you can contact us here. At SecurEdge, we are specialize in building completely secure wireless networks for BYOD. Good luck! 

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