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4 Common Misconceptions About iPads in the Classroom Debunked

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4 Common Misconceptions About iPads in the Classroom Debunked

By: Danny Mareco March 4, 2014   0 Category: K-12 Education, Strategy
ipads on students desks in the classroom

1.) Students won’t pay attention in class: Many fear bringing iPads into the classroom will have students constantly on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter and unable to participate in classroom discussion or classroom cloud based learning. 

Solution: A proper firewall at the edge of your network can allow application filtering to be established based on users and groups.  The firewall can provide integration with the school’s Active Directory database and bring visibility and control of each application on the devices when those devices are on the network.  

2.) Teachers will spend more time logging students on and off devices rather than instructing:  When implementing iPads in the classroom and making sure students are signed in with the proper applications loaded on their devices some fear a teacher’s main responsibility will be making sure the students have their devices set up properly and securely all day every day. 

Solution: A proper Mobile Device Management solution will eliminate the waste of classroom instruction time by pushing out configurations and setups to the student’s devices either through text message, email or push notification.  It is easy and secure and centrally managed.  

3.) iPads will strain & incapacitate the school’s network and it will constantly go down:  In some cases this misconception can be a reality if your school’s wireless infrastructure isn’t properly set up for low transmit powered devices such as iPads or Chromebooks. 

Solution: Make sure to have the proper wireless infrastructure in place before logging on multiple devices to your network.  Have an RF Design completed with accurate RF Propagation and Signal to Noise ratio planned out based on high capacity areas and what you want those devices to be doing on your network.

4.) iPads in the classroom can’t be implemented with limited funds and little to no IT staff: Many people believe technology in the classroom is reserved for schools with large IT staff’s that can manage and control all the devices on the network. 

Solution:  Cloud managed solutions can offer an array of visibility into your wireless network.  A proper solution will allow monitoring and aggregating all the user data from your wireless network.  It will provide RF help by showing what the RF quality is, top users, layer 7 visibility and how your network is performing.   If there is a troubleshooting issue it will also show paths of connectivity which will make your process more granular and makes for quicker response times.  This allows easy central management of your network and can be managed with little staff. 

For other myths on iPads in the classroom contact us here.  We have focused on the EDU space providing technology and mobility to classrooms for over 8 years and have more than 300 deployments under our belt.  We would love to be a further resource for you.  

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