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3 Tips Preparing Your Campus WiFi for a New School Year [Video]

Written by Erik Portillo Erik Portillo | August 8, 2019



Is your campus Wi-Fi network ready for a new academic year? In this edition of Ask an Engineer, Erik gives three tips to help prepare your wireless network for any device or application.

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Erik Portillo, Director of Engineering, here at SecurEdge Networks.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about some of the things you can do to prepare a college campus for the new school year.

So, think about all the proactive approaches you can take and that’s kind of the whole mentality behind our planning.

#1 Wireless Assessments

So, the first thing you should probably look at is something like a wireless assessment.

You want to understand what to attack before you go in there and start making changes.

So, the wireless assessment can allow you to do that.

Basically, we use Ekahau software to go and do a complete walk-through of your campus which will let us know really what we are seeing, some of the issues that we can attack or address through policy changes through setting changes on the AP’s or switching, etc. and then also maybe even address some coverage issues.

All of that can be easily told through a good wireless assessment.

#2 Correct Hardware

So, once that is completed then you can start attacking things like firmware updates, making sure you have the correct hardware in the areas that are needed.

No one AP is the same.

There are certain AP’s that are used for high traffic of high-density areas and there are some that are not being more small office, your classroom, etc.

You have got to make sure that you have the right AP in the location so for example in your classrooms, you know how many students can fit in one classroom.

In those situations, you want to make sure you use that type of AP for that location but then there are others that are more high traffic.

Think of your football stadiums. Those locations you might want to put an AP that can handle more traffic or more density that way you have the right resources available from a component standpoint to handle that type of environment.

#3 Firmware Updates

The last and final thing that you want to make sure is looking at firmware on all the equipment that is in your racks on your campus.

Think of the off season of school to be a big maintenance window where you can have no faculty, no students.

This allows you a good opportunity to start doing firmware revisions throughout the entire network infrastructure.

At that point, you start a new school year fresh on good firmware with all the correct changes and settings and all of the correct hardware in place to make you successful throughout the year minimizing some of those tickets, minimizing some of the use of your resources from an IT perspective, etc.

All those things are good things to look at during your school year.

That’s it. That will wrap it up for us today.

Thank you for watching and have a great one!

Transcript End

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