3 Great learning tool apps for School Wireless Networks

Written by Danny Mareco Danny Mareco | April 27, 2012 | Read Time: 3 mins

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Today, almost everyone has to have a smart phone. Now blogging, twitter and other social media have become widespread, and every kid these days has a mobile device, most have multiples. We cherish our beloved mobile devices and crave the instant updates and rich multimedia they provide. It’s no surprise they have spread into the school wireless networks.

As more classrooms become mobile and students are either provided with devices or are allowed to bring in their own through BYOD, greater learning tools are being created to enrich education for students and teachers.  All the fun and exciting multimedia, learning tools, and cool games teachers can utilize to get students engaged make me wish I was still a kid in school again.

Here are 3 great learning tool apps school wireless networks should definitely check out.

1) Nearpod

Nearpod is an exciting new app that allows teachers to create multimedia with the content tool, share that content with students through a dashboard, receive and responses from students in real time, and monitor classroom activity and responses to measure results. technology in the classroomThis app allows educators to create customized and stimulating interactive classes full of enriched multimedia to grasp student’s attention while keeping them on task. Teachers can also use it to create quizzes, polls, and Q&A activities and can choose to look at students' responses separately or collectively. Overall, this app makes teaching with mobile devices easier while making learning a lot more fun for the students.

2)  LanSchool’s Teacher’s Assistant

With technology and wi-fi access becoming more and more mainstream in the classroom, many teachers are embracing new technology, but feel they might spend more time monitoring than utilizing it. LanSchool’s Teacher’s Assistant is gives that extra help or assistance controlling the classroom.ipad app in the classroomTeacher’s Assistant provides teachers with the ability to block any distracting or offensive screens, limit what students can do on their mobile devices, send messages to students in real-time, and take quick polls. They can also provide help to certain students through their devices individually. For teacher’s just needing an extra hand in monitoring the classroom full of new technology this app is perfect.

3)  Taposé

Tapose is a wonderful app for students and teachers to do and store work.  It is a great blend of tools including writing and drawing, media, word processor, web clips, map addresses, and sticky notes and reminders. interactive learningStudents can keep separate notebooks for each subject or assignment to take notes, do math problems, create sketches, organize research, and much more.  Journals can be neatly organized and easily searched and shared through email, printing, Dropbox, or Evernot for review or grading. Taposé is a great collaborative content creation app to help both teachers and students create, organize, and easily access all of their work. Most importantly it’s fun for the students and really gets them excited and engaged.

mobile devices in the classroom

These are just 3 of the great learning tools that can be utilized on school wireless networks with mobile devices to benefit both teachers and students.  Eventually apps like these will be utilized in every educational facility; they are too effective and valuable not to be. All the multimedia rich content they use that captures the attention of students, and makes them so useful and effective. This requires a multimedia grade wireless infrastructure to support a lot of bandwidth.

Here at SecurEdge we understand how bringing in these multimedia rich mobile devices onto your school wireless network can create new challenges for IT departments, ranging from new sets of configurations, securities, and management.  We can provide your school wireless networks with the capacity, security, and management it needs to be effective in supporting all these great learning tools. At SecurEdge we are always preparing for the future of wireless technology. You can contact us here or download our free school wireless design guide. Our goal is to be a resource for you.

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