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3 Features That Make a Network Management Solution Worth the Investment

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3 Features That Make a Network Management Solution Worth the Investment


Nearly every business and organization today relies on having robust and reliable Wi-Fi performance to support the various applications, devices and end-users accessing their networks.

This is why it’s so critical that every IT manager has the visibility and control to properly manage their network in order to maximize performance.

Successfully accomplishing this task is only becoming more and more difficult with things like the IoT, increasing mobile device numbers and complex, multi-vendor environments both on the wired and wireless side of your network.

The answer to all of this is implementing a network management tool or solution.

To help you discover just how valuable network management tools are, here are three features that make them worth the investment.

1 Real-Time Visibility

Access to your network doesn’t happen in one place or at one specific time, its dynamic or as we say, it’s alive.

With that said, you can’t fix what you can’t see and you can’t properly support your apps, devices and users if you aren’t monitoring them in real-time. Implementing a network management solution makes this possible.

2 Monitoring the User Experience

A growing area of importance for today’s IT managers is the end-user experience. The challenge here is having the ability to figure out what’s affecting that experience, both for the better and for the worse.

It could be your coverage (AP placement, type), the devices being used, RF capacity, roaming issues, switches, the firewall.

There’s a long list of possibilities and the only way to manage your Wi-Fi performance effectively is by having the ability to visualize what's really taking place on your network.

Some network management solutions allow you to have visibility into this end-user experience, showing you in real-time, non-RF metrics that affect the end-user experience. For example, metrics such as:

  • Radio association
  • Authentication
  • DHCP
  • DNS

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3 Multi-Vendor Compatibility for both Wired and Wireless

Most enterprise wireless network environments are complex, and consist of many different systems from many different vendors. This can make proper management of each part of your network very difficult and it can absolutely make ensuring reliable Wi-Fi performance frustrating to say the least.

With the right network management solution in place you can monitor every area of your network both wired and wireless regardless of which vendors you've deployed.

The Big Picture

Wi-Fi performance is a mission-critical application for every business and organization, and the key to getting it right is having the right amount of visibility and control. With networks becoming larger, and more complex, investing in network management tools is a must-have for every IT team today.

However, it's important to keep in mind that even if you're using the most advanced products available, a crappy design will give you crappy results. Like we always like to say, "Plan twice, deploy once".

At SecurEdge, we deliver affordable, robust, and secure wireless platforms – it’s all we do. If you have any questions about your current Wi-Fi performance or would like to discuss an upcoming project, please contact us here.

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