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20 Awesome Facts About E-Learning: How It’s Changing the Learning Environment [Infographic]

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20 Awesome Facts About E-Learning: How It’s Changing the Learning Environment [Infographic]

By: Danny Mareco December 23, 2015   0 Category: Higher Education, Strategy

Mobile devices have almost literally taken over the college landscape and it’s changed how students live and consequently learn as well. E-learning owes much of its growth and success to the smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices that students carry with them today. In fact, some predict that the global market for mobile-learning will reach upwards of $37.8 Billion by 2020.

Students today are mobile and want to learn that way; by 2019 nearly 50 percent of all college and university students will be enrolled in online classes.

But it doesn’t just stop at how students are learning, e-learning and online classes are changing the overall college environment too.

For example, a computer science class at Harvard gave students the choice to either attend the class in person or watch lessons via video online. Because of this option 819 students were able to enroll breaking the school registration record.

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From online testing and having the ability to attend classes online, e-learning and mobile learning are offering both students and the school itself new opportunities that both can get behind.

To help you further understand the possibilities and impact that e-learning is having on higher education institutions everywhere, check out the infographic below form TalentLMS.

Click here for a larger view


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