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10 Reasons Every Business Needs WiFi as a Service [Video]

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10 Reasons Every Business Needs WiFi as a Service [Video]

By: Danny Mareco March 30, 2019 1 Category: Managed WiFi

Considering Wi-Fi as a Service for your business? In this edition of the Wi-Fi Minute, Danny gives ten reasons why you should make the jump to WaaS, which gives you access to the latest hardware, cutting-edge software, and critical managed network services all rolled into one monthly subscription.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs WaaS

Video Transcript:

What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the Wi-Fi Minute.

It feels incredible to be back here doing what we do. It’s been a minute.

Over the past twelve plus years, we’ve learned a lot from doing nothing but designing, installing, and managing large scale wireless networks across pretty much every industry you can think of and from that experience we’ve come to one major conclusion, every business today needs Wi-Fi as a Service.

Here’s our top ten reasons why.

Let’s put sixty seconds up on the clock and let’s do this.

  1. Mobile is the primary method for accessing your network today.
  2. End user expectations are higher than they’ve ever been and there is no sign of them slowing down.
  3. Wi-fi is a utility just like power and water.
  4. Mobility today requires a system of components that goes beyond just having access points or switches.
  5. Having a proper Wi-Fi design will make or break the success of your network.
  6. Our networks today have a short useful lifespan somewhere between thirty-six and forty-eight months. We need to find a way to both financially and technically update our networks over time.
  7. Technical resources are extremely expensive and hard to find.
  8. Wi-Fi is dynamic, and this means your environment is constantly changing.
  9. We need a way to measure performance in real time that goes beyond whether or not my access points are up or down.
  10. The role of IT is shifting away from just managing the health of the network to managing the user experience.

One of the most common questions we get is, “How much does Wi-Fi as a Service Cost?”

To answer that question of cost we’ve built a quoting engine that’s online that in just a few minutes you can get a price for your new network.

Well that’s all the time that we have for today.

You guys have been great! I’ve been Danny.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.

Video Transcript End

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