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#1 Back to school must have: BYOD technology in the classroom

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#1 Back to school must have: BYOD technology in the classroom

By: Danny Mareco August 20, 2012   0 Category: K-12 Education, Strategy

Schools and Universities all over the country have implemented a BYOD (bring your own device) program this year. They’ve gone from strong banning of mobile devices to gladly mandating them, and this has many students psyched. Check out some of the great benefits students will be reaping as they head back to school with BYOD.

1) Saves students money and the environment

Students that would normally be paying one to two hundred dollars a textbook for classes can now purchase the electronic version for their tablets and other mobile devices at a fraction of the cost. Many students end up purchasing all of their textbooks in electronic version for the same price of less than what they usually spend on just one textbook. Plus, think of all those trees that will be saved from using paperless textbooks.

2) Lightens the loadiPad in school wireless network

Not only can students save money by purchasing e-textbooks for their mobile devices, they will lighten the load of carrying all those heavy textbooks around campus. It also keeps them more organized so they will always have their books in one place and always with them for classes.

3) Better prepares studentsBYOD technology in the classroom

Allowing BYOD may just change the lives of some of your students. I can’t tell you how many times I ran out the door to go to class and didn’t realize I left my notes, or pens, or an important textbook at home until I got into class. Guess what the one thing was I never forgot though….my phone. We love our technology, and if students can keep their notes and books all on one of their beloved mobile devices, I guarantee, you will have more students prepared for class. Better prepared and more organized students’ equals more successful students.

4) BYOD fit students’ lifestyles mobile learning

Students are always busy and on the go, so the appeal of using mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and smart phones on campus is obvious. Students find them easier to access and use. With a school wireless network correctly set-up for BYOD, students can work from anywhere on campus with greater convenience and connectivity.

5) Learning becomes limitlessiPad on school wireless networks

BYOD technology in the classroom allows students instant access to the most up-to-date information. Students will be more successful when learning and information aren’t just limited to what the teacher or a textbook have to share with them during a 60 minute lecture. Classes can be a lot more engaging and fun when students can bring in their own mobile device to be used as a learning tool. Plus they can get in some extra studying in between classes.


BYOD on any college campus of school wireless network will create so many benefits to students. Educators will begin to see increased engagement and collaboration and better prepared and organized students.If you have not implemented BYOD on your school wireless network already, now is the time. There are just too many benefits not to. We are experts in designing school wireless networks for secure iPad and other mobile device implementation. Feel free to contact us here with any questions of a free consultation. You can also down our Free School Wireless Network Design Guide as a great resource. Good luck!

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