Medical Device Connectivity

wireless device connectivityTracking expensive assets and resources is a critical requirement in many environments, and enterprises immediately recognize the benefits of using their existing Wi-Fi wireless LAN to automatically track critical assets. In healthcare organizations, expensive life saving equipment must be tracked down, both in emergencies and for routine maintenance. In the distribution chain, workflow tracking can help realize savings due to inventory optimization. With the proliferation and rapid price reduction of 802.11 RFID tags, WLAN-based location services can be delivered economically on a network serving multiple applications (e.g., data, voice). SecurEdge's secure mobility systems provide a robust platform for real time location services (RTLS) applications across all industry verticals.

  • Support for multiple medical devices on the same WLAN. SecurEdge does this by enforcing multiple authentication and encryption methods to support the capabilities of the specific medical device and ensure strong security.
  • Minimize network complexity. SecurEdge’s role-based access architecture enables the WLAN infrastructure to support a wide range of other computing devices, while ensuring that medical device traffic is prioritized. Security and quality of service (QoS) are enforced based on specific applications and by policies that define each user’s role.
  • Strong partner ecosystem. SecurEdge has validated deployments with many leading medical device manufacturers.