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Expand your business and offer your clients
so much more with a Network as a Service platform.


Built-In Funding

With both upfront and recurring payout options, affiliates can expand their business with confidence.


Co-Branded Software

Add intelligent software capabilities and your name on the door. Businesses working together share the best stuff.

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Monitoring Resources

Use SecurEdge to monitor your client's network performance, security, user experience, and more.


As-a-Service Subscriptions

Pull away from your competition and sell enterprise-grade WiFi using an easy button with the SecurEdge Network as a Service Platform.

Network as a Service—all under one roof.

With our cloud-based platform called "Central Office", affiliates can sell, deliver, and manage the entire "As-a-Service" solution from a single platform.

  • NaaS Quoting Engine
  • Upfront + MRR Payouts
  • Co-Branded Customer-Facing Interface
  • Seamless MSP-Focused Integrations
  • Customizable Team Reporting Dashboards
  • Network Performance and Security Monitoring
Network as a service platform Central Office from SecurEdge WiFi Dashboard Screen

Stand out with customer-facing monitoring and BI software.

Give your clients better visibility and a better WiFi experience than they've ever had before with SecurEdge WiFi.

  • SecurEdge Sensor Platform
  • Business Intelligence and Proximity Insights
  • User & Application Performance Monitoring
  • Real-Time Project Visibility
  • Cloud-Based Solution
  • Real-Time Alerts

Are you a good fit?

With a limited number of spots available at the moment,
we are only accepting partners who bring these things to the table
See if you make the cut:

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You have a business with a lot of experience and certifications in delivering WiFi but you're looking for a way to convert more sales into monthly recurring revenue.

How it works

You focus on the SMB market, and you want to increase your value to your clients but don't want the hassle that comes with WiFi—or printers if you had your way.

Fast design process

Your clients continue to ask for WiFi, but you don't have much experience in delivering WiFi, so you're looking to partner with WiFi experts to help service your clients.

Choose the right partnership for you

With an innovative and powerful software platform, "As-a-Service" delivery model, and supportive affiliate resources,
our Affiliate Program is the place to launch your business into its next phase of growth. Add new revenue streams,
win more business, and delight your customers when you partner with SecurEdge. Choose the partnership that's right for you.


You are interested in using SecurEdge to deliver managed WiFi for your clients and earning an upfront payout. You are not involved in the delivery process, including the design, implementation, and ongoing support of the WiFi solution.

Gain access to:
  • Upfront payouts
  • A dedicated team of certified WiFi experts
  • Co-branded customer-facing monitoring and BI interface
  • Delivery anywhere in the United States
  • Deeper integrations into your customers business processes

Affiliate Service Provider

You hold several technical and product-specific certifications and are interested in using the SecurEdge platform to deliver managed WiFi to your clients. You will be involved in the entire delivery process, from design and implementation to support.

Gain access to:
  • Receive both upfront + MRR payouts
  • Long-term recurring revenue
  • Co-branded customer-facing monitoring and BI interface
  • Delivery anywhere in the United States
  • Faster quoting and improved project management with Central Office
  • Ability to add ISP services with your subscriptions
  • Deeper integrations into your customers business processes
  • A dedicated team of certified WiFi experts for additional support

Have a few questions about the program?

Success is in the details and we're here to help. Get in touch with us below and get your questions answered today.