Our Story

We're not trying to be all things to all people - just the best mobility platform provider around.

Our Mission | Vision

To us, wireless technology is cool, but not just because we’re geeks. It’s cool because of what we can do with it. Mobile technology has changed the way we live, work, learn, do business, and play. But the task of delivering Wi-Fi technology is complex and constantly changing. Not to mention that with all the neat things we can do with mobility it comes with inherent security risks (hello data breach). In 2006, founder Philip Wegner decided to create a company focused on delivering mobility in a simple, secure way. Our goal is not to be a solutions company that tries to deliver all things to all people. We want to be the best in the world at secure mobility. Our goal is to provide the infrastructure, services, and support organizations need to do all the cool stuff they want to do with wireless technology. We want to provide the platform that people use to increase productivity, learn more effectively, collaborate, and ultimately grow their businesses.

We want to provide the platform that people use to increase productivity, learn more effectively, collaborate, and grow their businesses.
Philip Wegner - Founder, CEO

Our Core Values

  • Client Oriented Thinking
    Client-Oriented Thinking

    Anyone can point to the problem; we solve them. We understand that our company is supported by revenue and that revenue exists by solving our client's challenges. Our value comes from the ability to translate a client’s challenge into a business process or technology solution.

  • Staying Ahead of the curve
    Stay Ahead of the Curve

    Innovation and growth is part of our DNA. We understand that today's best technologies or solutions may be different tomorrow. We are constantly learning and growing to understand those changes and bring that expertise to our clients.

  • You Can't be all things to all people
    We Can't Be All Things to All People

    We believe we can do anything we want, but not everything we want. We’re committed to only serving in the areas where we can make a significant impact. Those are the specialized areas that help our clients operate efficiently with the effective use of wireless technology. 

  • Transparent Communication
    Transparent Communication

    Fundamental to success is establishing clear communication on what we’re going to do, why it has significant value to our clients, and what's required from the client. Then we deliver the project on time, with the desired result, and for the committed investment. View our Terms & Conditions

  • Hand-Picked Talent
    Find the Best People

    We believe in having talented people on our team, then trusting them to do their job. We believe that by treating each other with honesty and respect, we can have a fun, creative, and results-oriented environment. Our culture has an emphasis on team achievement but also great pride in self-development and independent action.

  • Be Good Be humble
    Relationships Matter

    We want to be the best at what we do. A big part of that is being the best to work with. When working with customers, partners, and each other (or any human for that matter), we believe that treating people well and building relationships are the highest priority.

Meet the Team

Our team is the most down to earth, tech-savvy, data driven, meticulous group of Wi-Fi geeks you'll ever meet.

Our culture is structured in that we rely on each other to do the right thing for customers to meet deadlines and solve problems. But with that team environment, we’re very flexible in how we get the job done.
Michael McNamee - Practice Manager

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