Data Security

Data security requires a holistic strategy when it comes to keeping your users and your data and information safe. There are two major trends that have changed the way security needs to be handled today.

Mobility and Wireless- now more than ever users are accessing network resources with mobile devices. Network managers must build wireless network infrastructure that uses technologies like device fingerprinting to recognize the user identity, device type, and be able to assign an appropriate user role. Campus Wi-Fi networks must also incorporate wireless security to identify and eliminate threats.

Web 2.0 Threats- traditional network security systems look at ports and IP addresses to mitigate risks. Applications like P2P networking and Facebook require that network security incorporate a new level of visibility and control. Now network security needs to be able to control applications and content based upon user Identity and location.

SecurEdge provides analysis of your current security posture, as well as complete security solutions to help you manage these major challenges.

Our solutions include the following suite of products:
SecurEdge Data Protection

Intrusion Protection

  • Firewall
  • IDS
  • IPS

Secure Mobility

  • VPN services
  • Rogue threat detection
  • Remediation
  • Wireless IDS/IPS

Vulnerability Protection

  • LAN scanning
  • Log assessment
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Report customization

Email Filtering

  • AntiVirus
  • SPAM
  • Content
  • Worms & Trojans

Web Protection

  • Web content filtering
  • Malicious site blocking